Captivating you through my elegant makeup look.

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Hey ladies! Looking for makeup products you could use regularly and still look impeccable? I am here to guide you all.

I choose to stay very basic and minimal while doing my makeup as staying in my comfort zone makes me feel more confident.

I created this look with the least amount of makeup products I carried along, for a formal get-together event as I was late and had to do my makeup in the car while being driven to the venue.

All the makeup products I used, to achieve this look were bought from a brand well-known for its beauty products, SEPHORA.

I do not apply foundation on my face until and unless I need a full-coverage look but for such minimal looks I use,

This cream has such an incredible formulation that it doesn’t crease or crack your skin but gives a flawless
finish to your face. Works as a tinted moisturizer plus sunscreen as well.

I used it on my cheeks, nose, and slightly on my eyes to give that natural rosy look to my face.

For such thick yet sleek winged eyeliner I used,

its precise tip makes it smooth to create that wing.

To sum up my entire look I used this nude matte lipstick,

This beautiful lipstick gives that luxurious and decent look to my makeup.

Believe me, these are the only makeup products I used to achieve this graceful look. You can find makeup products according to your taste from Sephora as it provides a huge collection of makeup.

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