How To Decorate A Hanging Shelf

Whether you buy them at the store, have them custom made, or make them yourself, a hanging shelf really comes in handy around the house.

hanging shelf

They are very versatile, able to adapt to a variety of decorations, styles and layouts, and you can use them to create flexible layouts and solve your storage problems. Like hanging fruit baskets, they are great additions to the kitchen but also wonderful for other areas of the home.

What is a hanging shelf called?

Hanging shelves are also known as floating shelves. In many cases, they are attached to the wall. And other times, they are hung from the ceiling or the wall.

How to hang a shelf?

There is no single solution when it comes to hanging a shelf. You can hang your shelf with different methods like:

Standard procedure will likely include measuring, marking, drilling, and securing no matter how you hang the shelf.

How much weight can a floating shelf support?

As long as your hanging shelf is secured to a stud, it can support 50 pounds per stud. So if your shelf is attached to two studs, it can hold 100lbs.

How do you hang a shelf on a wall without drilling?

If you live in a place where it is not allowed or you prefer not to drill holes in the wall, there are a few ways you can hang your shelf on a wall without drilling.

Most of these methods will work for shelves of various sizes. However, you will need more stability the larger the shelf.

Attractive Hanging Shelves

You can make a hanging shelf using rope, 2 rectangular pieces of plywood, a drill and some paint. Prep the wood, stack the pieces, clamp them together and drill holes in the corners. Paint the edges of the wood and add the rope. Hang the shelf at the desired height.

Media hanging shelf

Strapped Hanging Shelves

Or you can build an industrial hanging shelf. You need a wooden board, screw eyes, screw hooks, wire, rope or cable and clamps. Prep the board, mark the spots where you want to insert the screw hooks in the ceiling, drill the holes and put in the screws. Attach the screw eyes to the shelf, the brackets and then wire clamps. The final pieces is the cable.

Above The Kitchen Island Hanging Shelves

There are a lot of practical uses for hanging shelves around the house. First of all, they’re really great in the kitchen. They provide lots of storage and display space for dishes, herb planters and other things.{found on genassembly}.

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