Quality Wood Use For Home Furniture Items

Acacia wood is a popular and durable variety of hardwood. It has a wide range of uses including furniture, architecture, food additives, and decorative objects. It has a deep, rich color and distinctive texture that many people love.

All About Acacia Wood

Acacia wood is also a sustainable option. This means you can buy furniture that looks amazing and feels good about its longevity and environmental impact.

What Is Acacia Wood?

Acacia trees are common in tropical and subtropical regions such as Africa, Asia, and Australia. It is part of the pea family, Fabaceae, along with 160 other trees and shrubs.

The acacia tree is adaptable and grows in many different climates. There are more than a thousand varieties of acacia growing around the world. Each variety of tree is adapted to its particular climate. The trees of the African savannah have broad, flat, umbrella-shaped crowns. These capture all available sunlight.

These trees are thorny and have pods and fragrant white and yellow flowers. The bark is full of tannins. Acacia trees are also called prickly trees, whistling thorns, or wattles. The word wattle means “to weave.” Many people around the world use acacia branches to weave roofs and fences.

Acacia Wood Quick Details

To understand why acacia wood is such a popular choice for furniture and decorative objects, we can look at the different qualities of acacia wood.


Acacia is a strong and durable variety of wood. It is stronger than hickory and oak. It also has natural tannins that make it resistant to humidity. This is one of the main reasons people create acacia wood outdoor furniture as well as indoor furniture. This wood will last for many years with proper finishing and maintenance.

There are many varieties of acacia wood and not all of them have the same density. Some varieties are quite dense and hard. One of the most prized varieties of acacia is the Hawaiian koa. It has a hardness similar to that of walnut.


The most common species available in the United States are Hawaiian Koa and Australian Blackwood. Acacia wood varies in color from yellow to golden brown. Aged acacia wood has a deep reddish or brownish hue.

Acacia wood absorbs stains well, so it’s easy to transform acacia wood furniture from light to dark. The color of acacia wood lasts a long time, although the acacia wood furniture you have outdoors can fade in the sunlight.

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