How To Do A Pinterest Earthy Bedroom Décor?

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We all like to re-create our living area every few years, especially our bedrooms. And I think it’s essential because the more comfortable and content you’re with your bedroom space, the more likely you will be happy and fall asleep better. For me, this has always been a big secret for my well-being.
First off, pick a theme for your bedroom. It’s not always colored; it’s more acquainted with the environment you wish to create. I desire to foster a deeper relationship with the environment around me. Therefore, I chose an earthy theme, and the green color stuck out to me the most.

My bed set consists of a bed and two nightstands. It is a dark green/brown color set. And it comes without the mattress, so feel free to choose your preferred one.

I chose a cooling gel-hybrid mattress. It is a comfortable mattress and is also the perfect pick for
all year around, especially during the summers, due to its cooling technology, it ought to be your best friend.

Onto my nightstands, I placed two metal table lamps. Their intricate design really makes them stand out on the darkly colored nightstands.

Furthermore, I find rugs very comfortable and modernistic, so I decided to get myself a very uniquely colored carpet to contrast my furniture.

To complement the earthy theme and also for freshness, I added cute little succulent plants on my bedside nightstands and also around my room.

And of course, for the last bit, I had to get a bigger plant, so I got a bigger faux plant to place beside my bed set.

This is it, guys, for my bedroom décor for now, and I also like to keep minimalistic to an extent for that modern look. All of my furniture is from Wayfair. Get yours now!

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