Extraordinary Beauty Products For Make Up Dressing

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If you think the people who occupy luxury beauty charts are only celebrities and those with almost famous bank accounts (aka us), you are in for a surprise. Luxury beauty isn’t just about glitz and glamour; something to be said for spending a little extra money on a product with the best ingredients, good packaging, and a brand ethos you can stand behind. Splurging on beauty products from time to time is a privilege our team is excited to partake in, a little more than we’d like to admit, and we’re here to share all the splurges that ended up being worth it. From skincare to makeup to tools, use this as your guide the next time you have a little extra cash.

Skin Care Products That Make A Difference

Of course, I want clear skin and a glowing complexion, but my biggest skincare obsession is contouring. As someone with a very round head, I’ve been on the quest to look kidnapped for years. I tried everything: Gua Sha, facial massage, KKW kontour kit, but nothing worked, not even NuFace. It’s an at-home microcurrent device that stimulates muscles for more tone/definition, fewer fine lines, and increased circulation (I get that glow, too!). Although expensive, I would buy it 100 times more because of the results. After one use, I notice an immediate difference: my cheekbones stand out, and my face looks more lifted overall. But I have also seen a long-term change the more I use it. Oh, and I know what you’re thinking: you don’t feel it at all (no pain, I swear!) if you use the right amount of gel.

Best Chosen Beauty Cosmetic Use

As I have mentioned, my absolute favorite beauty product is blush. It never fails to brighten your complexion; honestly, it changes my whole day. I ordered the shade Cherish (a bright pink), and when I say it’s the most beautiful blush I’ve ever seen, I mean it. Cream blushes don’t sit well on my skin, so I like to go for powder, which can look dry, but this is the complete opposite. Although it is a semi-matte formula, it gives you a natural glow and stays on all day. I also chose the Desert Orchid shade, which is one of the shimmer finishes and is by far the most natural-looking luminous blush I have ever used. If I could, I would buy every shade of this; it’s worth every penny.

Face Enhancement Makeup For You

If we’re being honest, these exfoliating pads are so good that I almost wish I’d never tried them because now that I know what a difference they make to my skin, I can’t go back. With nearly 7,000 reviews on Sephora, this product is worth spending money on for flawless skin. This genius combination of chemical exfoliants promises to cleanse skin, even skin tone, reduce hyperpigmentation, limit fine lines, and boost radiance. I have tried many scrubs and peels, but this one was so effective that the results were immediate. Within the first couple weeks of using these exfoliating pads, the pesky blackheads on my nose that I’ve always had became much less noticeable, and the small amount of pigmentation I typically have near my mouth and chin disappeared. The best part? My usual period breakouts didn’t even come, and I received more compliments on my skin than ever before. It’s a bit pricey, but I love having a secret weapon to turn to when I need an extra boost.

Facial Enhancements For Your Skin

One of my favorite beauty products is Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant. It is a balancing face mask designed to reduce excess oil production, brighten and even skin tone, accelerate the healing of blemishes, and soothe and hydrate the skin. Masque Vivant is intended to do everything, and it does it well. The mask is formulated with yeast extract for its brightening and hydrating properties, bentonite and kaolin clay to help absorb oil and draw contaminants from pores, and vinegar and lactic acid to exfoliate gently. I use it twice a week, and depending on my skin needs, I could apply a bit of Biologique Recherche P50 underneath or add a bit of baking soda to the mask to optimize my results. This mask is not cheap, but it makes my skin smooth, even, and glowing in just 15 minutes, so I will continue to buy it.

I do not like spending $50+ on my shampoo and conditioner regimen, but what can I say? My follicles taste expensive. The newly reformulated Ouai is like liquid gold: It’s the only hair system I’ve ever used that allows me to air-dry and get a workable result (instead of a big puff of frizz). I use the set explicitly designed for medium hair, and it’s the perfect Goldilocks situation. It’s perfect. My hair is dry and tends to frizz in immediate contact with air, but I have noticed a marked increase in silky smoothness every time I use Ouai. I love everything about it: the faintly cologne-like scent, the generous shampoo lather, and the elegantly minimalist packaging. I firmly believe that if I’m going to splurge, I should buy something that works better than anything else, and Ouai hasn’t let me down yet. Buy the conditioner.

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