Easy Orange Makeup Looks: How to rock them?

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Warm weather calls for bold, bright, and vibrant makeup looks. Therefore, today I went out wearing a yellow floral pattern dress and decided to do an orangey makeup look. I think it looks cute and is a good option for a daytime look.
I shall guide you on how you can rock it as well. It’s easy to follow and attain, and it looks dazzling regardless of skin color. Start off by prepping your face. You can use a hydrating primer or even a hydrating sunscreen, in my case, I’m going for sunscreen by Supergoop. Build your base by using a liquid or powder-based foundation. I’m using a powder base foundation. You could follow up with a concealer, but I did not want high coverage and the foundation did well for me; therefore, I skipped it.

Using an eye palette with Orange-brown shades, create your desired look. The secret is all in the blending that makes it look better. I’m using Fenty Beauty’s Mix and Match eyeshadow palette. Make a cut crease using eyeliner to add definition to your eyes and enhance your preferred eye shape. Continue your eye look with mascara. For the final touch, add a highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes. Moving on to eyebrows. Give them shape and lining with an eyebrow gel. I am using the shade golden blonde by benefit cosmetics to bring about a softness to the look.

Using a peachy blush. I add color to my cheeks and the bridge of my nose to get that sun-kissed look. I did not use any highlighter here because I wanted to focus on the orange and soften the blazing look that orange gives. Honestly, it’s all about how you balance the makeup colors. Lastly, using bright red lipstick, I finish my makeup look.

You could also go for orange-brown lipstick if you want to soften the look further, or you can stay with red if you want it to pop.

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