Beauty Collection With Sephora


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Holiday calls for holiday shopping!! And I am way too excited to shop the trending beauty products from
Sephora. I think you guys might be too curious to know about the trending products and would love to
know about them! So let’s not make you wait and dive into the Sephora shopping world!
Well, Sephora’s sale is live and the price drop will make you crazy!!!!!!!

First of all, drop down a few ideas to gift your loved ones as Christmas and the new year is around
the corner.
So let’s make our loved ones feel special and precious!


WISHING YOU BLOCKBUSTER MULYI-USE MAKEUP PALETTE is a perfect holiday gift and they will surely love creating trending looks using this palette. It has 88 shades for eyes, cheeks, lips, and eyebrows perfect to get ready for occasions like parties, or dates and it even has neutral shades for your everyday classy look.
Dropping a few more options for eyeshadow kits.

MTHRSHP MEGA: CELESTIAL NIRVANA is a limited edition product with 18 creamy shades of eyeshadow.

RETRO GLAM EYESHADOW PALETTE is my personal favorite as it is a set of neutral shades perfect for a soft party makeup and day look!

Check on the following link to open into a massive world of eyeshadow palates ranging from dark to neutral shades.


Perfume oils last long as compared to perfumes and mists and I prefer going for the perfume oil option.
Here I am sharing a few of my favorites from the perfume oil collection which I think you guys will too

I am way too picky and choosy to select fragrances but this MIINI PERFUME OIL SET is the
perfect set of perfume oils I wanted and was searching since a while. It doe not have strong notes but is
decent and soft as per my taste.

Then is another which is one of my favorite perfume oil BLACKBERRY LILY GEMSTONE PERFUME OIL it has notes of warm and spicy.

These two were my favorites so felt to share them with you guys but I believe everyone has got a different taste for fragrances.
You can check on the link for perfume oils. They also have perfumes, mists, and rollerballs plus, hair mists!


Check on the tinted moisturizers too as they are too trending and are super cool to have a look at.

I bought RADIANCE COMPLEXION BOOSTER which was worthy of being obsessed!

These are not enough there is a lot of lot more to be explored at Sephora these were just a few glimpses but there is a huge variety, a whole world of makeup!

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